Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Warning Shot

This is my very first post on my very first blog. I'm excited.
And am also in a hurry. Damn the slow connection.

As the description of this blog states, I'm having a bit of a writer's block problem. Minor, about two year's worth. So I decided to open up a blog to write pretty much anything I want, and maybe get some ideas out... out of it, out to the public. Whatever.

So here goes my opening shot;
Devout Christians like to blame all Jews for killing Jesus the Crucified.
Here's my problem with this often overly inflated issue - it's dumb and blatantly self contradicting to their entire belief system.
This isn't a theological debate about what I believe is God (I promise I'll get to it when I have more time), or the possibility of a divinely inducted offspring. This is simply about the lack of logical thought processes in those inclined to mono-respiratory proclamations of "He died for our sins" and "Jews killed our Jesus". Do you see the problem here?

On the one hand, Christians worship Jesus' self sacrifice in dying for their Sins.
On the other hand, those same Christians blame Jews for killing him...?
Basically, they blame Jews for being the instruments of their sacrificial salvation? In that case, you're welcome.
I have a problem with the logic of the above - how can you claim that he was sent to die for your sins and then go and blame Jews for killing him? Who ever did kill him, did what they were supposed to do - they fullfiled their purpose. Just like Christians claim that Jesus' purpose was to die for their sins.

Hey, being the amalgamation of divine genetics that you believe he is - how could it have gone any other way than the one he himself intended? There's your pickle.

Seriously though, is it guilt that's driving this self contradicting notion of blame?
I mean, the guy was probably pretty smart (he was Jewish, you know). And he probably had some really great notions and ideas. But a hundred years after his death (deal with it), some guys came and twisted and turned and took up arms against the world's favorite scape goats (you figure out who). Ain't nothing more unifying than a common, preferably Jewish, enemy. Yay!

Hey now, I warned you this won't have to do with anything and will be offensive.

Forgot to mention - I'm Jewish.

I strongly recommend reading Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos, and in this case the Endymion books. Though briefly, he presents a great idea of Jesus.

Your opinions are wrong!

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