Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Alert 3: Uprising Out and About

In a word: Wow!
In two words: Great Idea!

In as many words as it will take:
The latest expansion pack (standalone) from EALA - C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising - is a work of art.
I just installed it this morning, and have played through the fourth side-campaign - The Story of Yuriko Omega.

To be fully honest, I've played through the entirety of the vintage Red Alert 3 on Easy. Just to have some fun. To play through it. I'm a C&C fan, but I'm the Tiberian fiction guru, less a fan of the still-excellent Red Alert games or even that step child of the franchise. So I opted to play through it as fast as possible, to get all the eye candy (boobs), game play mechanics and new ideas. And the boobs.

That's what I'll probably do with the three other campaigns of Uprising as well.
But not the Yuriko campaign. This is something new. This is a single character, no build queues and a very focused mission structure throughout the whole thing. It is simply great. And this something deserves to be enjoyed in its entire complexity and hardship. At least that's how I play.

Oh the possibilities to be developed from this one great idea are - much like Tiberium's - limitless.

Now, I haven't finished it yet - I've gotten my ass handed to me by Izumi a few times. But I had to write these points down:
  • The RPG/Sole Survivor style gameplay - pure WIN!
  • Cryo Legionaires walking on frozen water - fricking excellent!
And just a shout out for the amazing work the entire RA3 and Uprising team did with both games!
Personally, I want to see more of these types of ideas in future games. Maybe Kane will have his own version.

Here're two challenges to the C&C community:
  1. Make some Multiplayer Maps with the style of Yuriko's campaign. It's doable, if only in a LAN only mode (EALA, your help will be needed for this).
  2. Someone make another Single Player mod based on these same mechanics - maybe featuring Kane, or Havoc, or maybe even Slavik!

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